We Plans  Your Travel. However, with Xcell Travel & Tours Management Sdn Bhd, planning a dream Vacation  will be our goals.

Since its establishment , Xcell Travel has positioned itself at the forefront of the tourism and  by offering the widest coverage of local and international destinations at affordable prices.

At Xcell Travel, there is everything for everyone, from family vacations and romantic getaways to business trips. On top of that, we also offers other services such as group or individual bookings, flight reservations, airline ticketing, hotel reservations, customised tour packages and car rentals.

Our vision is to Campaign on Kelantan’s Culture and Heritage. Another side is to maintain the cultural heritage in the state of Kelantan and public awareness of the importance of culture and heritage that has existed for a long time in Kelantan.

In addition, this project also produced to develop a culture in the state of Kelantan and form new ideas and insights for keeping and maintaining the existing heritage. Indeed, provide information and knowledge about the culture and heritage in Kelantan to society in and outside the country.